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Lincoln University Research Archive (LURA) is an open access institutional repository collecting the research produced by Lincoln University staff and students. You may also be interested in Lincoln University Living Heritage.

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  • Roten, Rory; Fourie, Jaco; Owens, Jennifer; Trethewey, Jason A. K.; Ekanayake, Dinanjana; Werner, Armin; Irie, Kenji; Hagedorn, Michael; Cameron, Keith C. (Elsevier, 2017-04-01)
    In grazed dairy pastures, the largest N source for both nitrate (NO₃⁻) leaching and nitrous oxide (N₂O) emissions is urine-N excreted by the animals. Additional application of N on urine patches as fertilizer may increase ...
  • Vanhanen, Leo P.; Savage, Geoffrey P.; Hider, Richard (Scientific Research Publishing, 2017-03-10)
    Pine nuts are becoming a popular snack because of their interesting taste and positive nutritional profile. Their fatty acid profile has been reported but there is some confusion identifying named cultivars. This study ...
  • Manimmanakorn, Nuttaset; Manimmanakorn, Apiwan; Boobphachart, D.; Thuwakum, W.; Laupattarakasem, W.; Hamlin, Michael J. (CSIR-NISCAIR, 2017-07)
    Plai cream (Zingiber cassumunar Roxb.) has been used as a remedy for release pain and inflammation of musculoskeletal problems. The enhancement of the anti-inflammatory effect of Plai cream by phonoporesis or ultrasound ...
  • Ferguson, J. C.; Hewitt, Andrew; Eastin, J. A.; Connell, Robert J.; Roten, Rory; Kruger, G. R. (De Gruyter Open on behalf of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Plant Protection - National Research Institute and the Polish Society of Plant Protection, Committee of Plant Protection, 2014-01-01)
    Drift Reduction Technologies (DRTs) are becoming increasingly important for improving spray applications in many countries including New Zealand (NZ). Although there is a growing database on the performance of DRTs, there ...
  • Hamlin, Michael J.; Olsen, P. D.; Marshall, H. C.; Lizamore, Catherine; Elliot, Catherine (Frontiers Media, 2017-02-07)
    © 2017 Hamlin, Olsen, Marshall, Lizamore and Elliot. This study aims to investigate the performance changes in 19 well-trained male rugby players after repeat-sprint training (six sessions of four sets of 5 × 5 s sprints ...

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