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  • Effect of a 6-week exercise intervention for improved neck muscle strength in amateur male rugby union players 

    Hamlin, Michael J.; Deuchrass, R.; Elliot, Catherine; Raj, T.; Promkeaw, D.; Phonthee, S. (Sport and Exercise Science New Zealand, 2020-01-24)
    Neck strengthening for players in impact sports like rugby is receiving greater attention lately due to postulated associations with head and neck injury and concussion and while research is available on the effectiveness ...
  • A multivariate model for flood forecasting of lake levels 

    Mohssen, Magdy A. W. (WIT Press, 2012)
    A new multivariate flood forecast model for lake levels has been developed. The model is based on the concept of the projection theorem, to obtain the projection of lakes flood levels on total rainfall forecasted or observed ...
  • CAUTHE Conference - Lincoln University 2013 

    Simmons, David G.; Stewart, Emma (Lincoln University Planning Association, 2013-12-01)
    The Council for Australasian University Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE) is an incorporated association, established in Sydney in 1992. In February 2013 Lincoln University was privileged to host the 23rd CAUTHE ...
  • Credence attributes and New Zealand country of origin: A review 

    Dalziel, Paul C.; Saunders, Caroline M.; Tait, Peter R.; Saunders, John (AERU, Lincoln UniversityLincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand, 2018-08)
    On 12 September 2017, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment announced that a research programme entitled Unlocking Export Prosperity from the Agri-food Values of Aotearoa New Zealand had been selected for ...
  • Soil biodiversity and biogeochemical function in managed ecosystems 

    Chen, X. D.; Dunfield, K. E.; Fraser, T. D.; Wakelin, S. A.; Richardson, A. E.; Condron, Leo M. (CSIRO, 2020-01)
    A complex combination of environmental, biological, chemical, and physical properties and processes determine soil biodiversity and its relationship to biogeochemical functions and ecosystem services. Vegetation, land-use, ...

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