The Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences represents a land-based philosophy including research and teaching in:

Nutrition and health, soil and physical sciences, applied mathematics, statistics and computational modelling, biochemistry and cell biology, microbiology, toxicology, agronomy and plant science, food science, horticulture, viticulture and oenology, farm management, ecology, conservation and plant pathology.

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  • Live weight gain of ewes and lambs grazing subterranean clover-based pastures 

    Hannah, Chloe (Lincoln University, 2018)
    The performance of four dryland pastures grown at Ashley Dene, Canterbury, was compared over the last two years of the five-year ‘MaxAnnuals’ grazing experiment. The pastures were sown in March 2013 with cocksfoot with sub ...
  • Simple hierarchical and general nonlinear growth modeling in sheep 

    Ghaderi-Zefrehei, M.; Rafeie, F.; Bahreini Behzadi, M. R.; Nazari, S.; Muhaghegh-Dolatabady, M.; Samadian, F.; Maxwell, Thomas M. R.; Amirpour Najafabadi, H. (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), 2018-08-09)
    Differential equations and advanced statistical models have been used to predict growth phenomena. In the present study, general nonlinear growth functions such as von Bertalanffy, Gompertz, logistic, and Brody, along with ...
  • Amendment incorporation to increase soil water retention 

    Wallace, Dirk (Lincoln University, 2018)
    This thesis comprises two small core studies and two lysimeter studies, which are aimed at understanding how incorporation of soil amendments at cultivation can increase soil water retention in New Zealand’s shallow stony ...
  • Patterns of range size in New Zealand ferns and lycophytes 

    Mountier, Cathy; Case, Bradley S.; Perrie, L.; Brownsey, P.; Paterson, Adrian M.; Curran, Timothy J.; Buckley, Hannah L. (New Zealand Ecological Society, 2018)
    We describe spatial patterns in the geographic ranges of all New Zealand ferns and lycophytes, test if range sizes are correlated with phylogeny, and identify ecological characteristics related to their range sizes. Herbarium ...
  • Effect of land use and soil organic matter quality on the structure and function of microbial communities in pastoral soils: Implications for disease suppression 

    Dignam, B. E. A.; O'Callaghan, M.; Condron, Leo M.; Kowalchuk, G. A.; Van Nostrand, J. D.; Zhou, Jizhong; Wakelin, S. A. (Public Library of Science, 2018-05-07)
    Cropping soils vary in extent of natural suppression of soil-borne plant diseases. However, it is unknown whether similar variation occurs across pastoral agricultural systems. We examined soil microbial community properties ...

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