Recent Submissions

  • An extension to the theory of steady selective withdrawal for a two layer fluid 

    Wood, Ian R.; Choo, Kenneth (Lincoln University. Applied Computing, Mathematics and Statistics Group., 2000-05)
    Most reservoirs contain stratified fluid and selective withdrawal is used to obtain water of the desired properties. Initially we review the case with an infinite upper layer with a sharp interface. When the total discharge ...
  • Solute dispersion by 1D stepped velocity fluctuations 

    Verwoerd, Wynand S.; Kulasiri, Don (Lincoln University. Applied Computing, Mathematics and Statistics Group., 2003-08)
    The effect of fluctuations in the drift velocity on dispersion by a porous medium is investigated. An analytical model is developed which represents the effect of a single discrete step in the velocity of a 1 dimensional ...
  • Scale-dependent dispersivity: a velocity fluctuation model 

    Verwoerd, Wynand S. (Applied Management and Computing DivisionLincoln University, 2003-08)
    In the previous paper, (03/2001) it was shown that the cumulative effect of multiple one-dimensional velocity fluctuations can explain qualitative features of the observed scale dependent dispersivity in natural aquifers, ...
  • Determination of fat content in retail ready meat samples using image analysis 

    Chandraratne, Meegalla R.; Samarasinghe, Sandhya; Kulasiri, Gamalathge D.; Isherwood, Peter; Bekhit, A. E. D.; Bickerstaffe, Roy (Lincoln University. Applied Computing, Mathematics and Statistics Group, 2003-08)
    As a result of constantly growing consumer expectations for meat quality, the meat industry is placing more and more emphasis on quality assurance issues. Fat content in meat influences some important meat quality ...
  • Constrained visualization using the Shepard Interpolation Family 

    Brodlie, K. W.; Asim, M. R.; Unsworth, Keith (Lincoln University. Applied Computing, Mathematics and Statistics GroupLincoln, Canterbury, 2003-12)
    This paper discusses the problem of visualizing data where there are underlying constraints that must be preserved. For example, we may know that the data is inherently positive. We show how the Modified Quadratic Shepard ...

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