The Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce provides teaching, research and professional services in the areas of Accounting, Business Management & Law, Economics, Finance, Marketing and Property.

The faculty has a high research profile and a proven ability to work closely with industry, government, professional bodies and other end users.

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  • Poor livestock keepers: Ecosystem–poverty–health interactions 

    Grace, D.; Lindahl, J.; Wanyoike, F.; Bett, B.; Randolph, T.; Rich, Karl (The Royal Society, 2017-07-19)
    Humans have never been healthier, wealthier or more numerous. Yet, present success may be at the cost of future prosperity and in some places, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, poverty persists. Livestock keepers, especially ...
  • Design and delivery of a Masterclass in Horticultural Business 

    Acuña, T. B.; Monckton, D.; Boersma, M.; Evans, Alison; Gracie, A. (University of Sydney, 2019)
    The Masterclass in Horticultural Business is a national program requested by and tailor-made for Australian business managers and entrepreneurs in horticulture. The University of Tasmania has developed the Masterclass in ...
  • Support for smallholder farmers through Islamic instruments: The case of Bangladesh and lessons for Nigeria 

    Hossain, I.; Muhammad, A. D.; Jibril, B. T.; Kaitibie, S. (Emerald Publishing, 2019)
    Purpose – In societies with strong presence of Islam, Islamic instruments with more scope for fairness and equity can be innovatively harnessed to play an increasing role in the development process and poverty ...
  • Market efficiency and performance dynamics of International Exchange-Traded Funds 

    Bahadar, Stephen (Lincoln University, 2019)
    Despite persistent economic and political volatility in the world, the Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) industry continues to experience popularity and growth since the invention of the first ETF. This growth of the ETF industry ...
  • Corporate governance attributes in fraud detterence 

    Sadique, R. B. M.; Ismail, A. M.; Roudaki, Jamal; Alias, Norhayati; Clark, Murray B. (Sciedu Press, 2019-05)
    The failures of corporations such as Enron, WorldCom and HIH Insurance, to name but a few, have heightened investor awareness of the need to not only evaluate company performance, but also to consider the possibility that ...

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