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  • Greig, Bruce J. (SIDE, Lincoln, N. Z., 2012)
    There have been dramatic changes in New Zealand dairy farm systems over the last decade. There is evidence that the basic grass dependant dairy farm systems are becoming more intensive with greater amounts of supplementary ...
  • Lees, Nicholas Julian (Lincoln University, 2017-12-15)
    Supplier relationships and performance have become increasingly important in agri-food supply chains. This research aimed to investigate buyer-supplier relationships in the New Zealand red meat industry. Specifically, this ...
  • Lees, Nicholas J.; Nuthall, Peter L. (AARES, 2015-02)
    This research develops an integrated framework of long-term agri-food supply chain partnerships and the cooperation and collaboration this requires. It builds on existing frameworks within the economic, managerial and ...
  • McCaskill, L.W. (Canterbury Agricultural College, University of New Zealand, 1929)
    In 1869, New Zealand use 216 tons of imported fertilizers in addition to a very small amount of local bonedust. Sixty years later, the imports amounted to 324,145 tons, while local production was in the neighbourhood of ...
  • Rao, Yanzhen (Lincoln University, 2017-07-27)
    The housing and mortgage market in Christchurch experienced significant changes since the 2011 earthquake, especially after the reconstruction of the city. The increasing speed of Christchurch average house price exceed ...

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