The School of Landscape Architecture at Lincoln University bases its teaching and research on the coastal areas, urban centres, townships, agricultural lands and mountains of the South Island.

Recent Submissions

  • Weaving Mahinga Kai and Landscape Architecture: Designing with nature through people-ecology interactions 

    Lee, Woody (Lincoln University, 2019)
    This dissertation investigates in what ways does mahinga kai offer opportunities for the discipline of landscape architecture, both within Aotearoa, New Zealand and potentially beyond. It applies a ‘dwelling perspective’ ...
  • The island of lost objects 

    Bowring, Jacqueline (ORO editions on behalf of the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, 2018)
    I recently came across these documents during my research at the Royal Geographical Society in London. The papers detail the exploration of the enigmatic Island of Lost Objects. Located at 0.00°N 0.00°E, the island marks ...
  • Placing design, and designing’s place, in landscape architecture research 

    Abbott, Michael R. (School of Landscape Architecture, Lincoln University, Canterbury, 2018-09-06)
    In European-based discussions concerning landscape architecture research methods, there is strong advocacy for the term ‘research through designing’ and its acronym RTD (Lenzholzer et al, 2013). Given an agreed lack of ...
  • Ordinary and Outstanding: A grounded investigation of associative values in landscape assessment 

    Wilson, Hannah (Lincoln University, 2019)
    Picturesque ideologies embedded in the Resource Management Act, 1991 have significantly influenced landscape assessment methodologies in New Zealand. Its influence has given overwhelming priority to the protection of ...
  • The big data analysis challenge for landscape architecture 

    Royds, Donald (Wichmann Verlag, 2018)
    Big data is growing in volume, variety, and velocity and is becoming more available and significant. Big data, if used as part of the design process by landscape architects, has the potential to broaden and inform site ...

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