The Department of Agricultural Sciences consists of animal science, plant science and farm management and agribusiness staff members.

The range of research conducted is quite extensive including: conversion of forests into pasture, alternative dryland pasture species, grain legume agronomy, sustainability in farming systems, nitrogen fixation and nitrogen cycling, shelter on dairy farms, economic viability of NZ farming systems, animal nutrition, immunology etc.

Recent Submissions

  • The economic and environmental implications of incorporating composting barns into New Zealand dairy systems 

    Durie, Rachel (Lincoln University, 2018)
    The New Zealand dairy industry is challenged with the task of improving their environmental performance while at the same time maintaining or increasing farm productivity and profitability. Composting barns have been ...
  • Progress in pasture plant physiology 

    Langer, R.H.M. (The New Zealand Society of Animal Production, 1967)
    Some major achievements of pasture plant physiology are reviewed. Detailed study of growth patterns has provided an understanding of how grasses grow and how they persist in a grazed sward. Genetic variation for physiological ...
  • Plantain silage quality under variable management practices 

    Bariroh, Nur Rizqi; Bryant, Racheal H.; Black, Alistair (New Zealand Grassland Association, 2018-11-17)
    Two studies investigated the effect of regrowth and additives on preservation and quality of plantain ensiled in spring using a micro-silage technique. Study 1 compared the effect of regrowth at four (4L), five (5L) or six ...
  • Variation in the caprine keratin-associated protein 15-1 (KAP15-1) gene affects cashmere fibre diameter 

    Zhao, Mengli; Zhou, Huitong; Hickford, Jonathan G. H.; Gong, Hua; Wang, Jiqing; Hu, Jiang; Liu, Xiu; Li, Shaobin; Hao, Zhiyun; Luo, Yuzhu (Copernicus Publications on behalf of the Leibniz Institute for Farm Animal Biology, 2019-03-26)
    Keratin-associated proteins (KAPs) are a structural component of cashmere fibre, and variation in some KAP genes (KRTAPs) has been associated with a number of caprine fibre traits. In this study, we report the identification ...
  • Grazing management strategies of diverse pastures on irrigated dairy farm systems 

    Cun, Grace (Lincoln University, 2018)
    Strategies to increase herbage dry matter (DM) production and quality while reducing environmental impacts are sought for dairy farming systems. Two strategies to improve DM production and quality are grazing management ...

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