The Department of Agricultural Sciences consists of animal science, plant science and farm management and agribusiness staff members.

The range of research conducted is quite extensive including: conversion of forests into pasture, alternative dryland pasture species, grain legume agronomy, sustainability in farming systems, nitrogen fixation and nitrogen cycling, shelter on dairy farms, economic viability of NZ farming systems, animal nutrition, immunology etc.

Recent Submissions

  • Breaking the Parasite life cycle 

    Martin-Mckie, Marsha (Lincoln University, 2018)
    This thesis investigates the use of either liquid urea or effective microorganism solutions to break the parasite lifecycle while outside of its host and reduced larval challenge on pasture. The main aim was to extend in ...
  • The release of nitrogen and carbohydrate from herbage during comminution 

    Minnee, Elena (Lincoln University, 2017)
    In forage-based livestock production systems, dietary N is often in excess supply. In addition, the efficiency with which ruminants utilise dietary N utilisation is low, leading to substantial losses of N to the environment, ...
  • Identification of strains of Rhizobium leguminosarum 

    Davies, Willie (Lincoln University, 2018)
    Agriculture in New Zealand relies heavily on mixed pastoral crops. Legumes, such as white clover in particular, are extremely important due to their symbiotic relationship with Rhizobium spp. Many of these pastoral areas ...
  • Molecular genetics of flystrike susceptibility in New Zealand sheep 

    Burrows, Lucynda Emma Ruth (Lincoln University, 2018)
    Flystrike is a problem for most sheep industries worldwide as it affects animal welfare and production. The cost of flystrike is multifactorial, and includes production losses resulting from reductions in wool and body ...
  • Alfalfa coumestrol content in response to development stage, fungi, aphids, and cultivar 

    Fields, Rachel; Barrell, Graham K.; Gash, Alan; Zhao, Jenny H.; Moot, Derrick J. (American Society of Agronomy, 2018-03-29)
    Coumestrol produced by alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) can reduce the ovulation rate of ewes. This study isolated agronomic factors that affect coumestrol levels in alfalfa. Fungal diseases explained most differences in ...

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