The Department of Soil and Physical Sciences has responsibility for the delivery of all undergraduate and postgraduate soil-related subjects, and many physical science subjects.

The range of research being undertaken is extensive but in recent years has increasingly focused on environmental issues, especially soil's role and influence on water and air quality.

Recent Submissions

  • Author correction: Influence of soil moisture on codenitrification fluxes from a urea-affected pasture soil 

    Clough, Timothy J.; Lanigan, G. J.; de Klein, C. A. M.; Samad, M. S.; Morales, S. E.; Rex, David; Bakken, L. R.; Johns, Charlotte; Condron, Leo M.; Grant, J.; Richards, K. G. (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-03-07)
    Correction to: Scientific Reports, published online 19 May 2017. This article contains an error in Figure 3, where the y-axis ‘DOC (μg g⁻¹ soil)’ is incorrectly labelled as ‘DOC ...
  • Effects of perennial (‘Russell’) lupins on soil nitrogen and carbon in acid high-country soils 

    Che, X.; Moir, James L.; Black, Alistair; Sheng, H.; Li, X. (New Zealand Grassland Association, 2018-11-13)
    Many high-country soils in the South Island have low soil pH and high exchangeable Al concentrations, limiting establishment and persistence of pasture and forage legumes. Perennial lupin (Lupinus polyphyllus) is able to ...
  • Soil acidity and aluminium in South Island high and hill-country: New data and future needs 

    Moir, James L.; Moot, Derrick J.; Whitley, Amy; Black, Alistair; Hendrie, D. L. (New Zealand Grassland Association, 2018-11-19)
    Soil extractable aluminium (A1) concentrations can have a strong impact on the establishment, growth and persistence of pasture legumes. This has become clear in New Zealand high and hill-country, where legumes are scarce ...
  • Editorial: Phosphorus along the soil-freshwater-ocean continuum 

    Cade-Menun, B. J.; Duhamel, S.; Dodd, Rosalind; Lønborg, C.; Parsons, C. T.; Taylor, W. D.
    Phosphorus (P) is an essential element for all organisms. However, there is a P paradox, whereby P concentrations considered deficient in some environments such as in agricultural soils are considered excessive in freshwater, ...
  • Soil pH, exchangeable aluminium and legume yield responses to deep-placed lime at Omarama Station 

    Hendrie, D. L.; Moir, James L.; Stevens, E. J.; Black, Alistair; Moot, Derrick J. (New Zealand Grassland Association, 2018-11-17)
    The passive moment of lime down the soil profile in dryland is slow so a machine was developed to directly inject lime into soil, and was tested it at Omarama Station. Pelleted lime was injected at simultaneous depths of ...

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