Recent Submissions

  • Policy risk and Stock Market volatility in China 

    Jia, Dekui (Lincoln University, 2019)
    The policy-driven feature of China’s stock market induces a debatable argument that political interference should be responsible for the sharp fluctuations of the stock markets because of discretionary changes in government ...
  • Market efficiency and performance dynamics of International Exchange-Traded Funds 

    Bahadar, Stephen (Lincoln University, 2019)
    Despite persistent economic and political volatility in the world, the Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) industry continues to experience popularity and growth since the invention of the first ETF. This growth of the ETF industry ...
  • Corporate governance attributes in fraud detterence 

    Sadique, R. B. M.; Ismail, A. M.; Roudaki, Jamal; Alias, Norhayati; Clark, Murray B. (Sciedu Press, 2019-05)
    The failures of corporations such as Enron, WorldCom and HIH Insurance, to name but a few, have heightened investor awareness of the need to not only evaluate company performance, but also to consider the possibility that ...
  • Role of bank regulation on bank performance: Evidence from Asia-Pacific commercial banks 

    Yang, Zhenni (Lincoln University, 2018)
    As the banking industry is an essential financial intermediary, the efficient operation of banks is vital for economic development and social welfare. However, the 2008 global financial crisis (GFC) triggered a reconsideration ...
  • Institutional determinants of economic efficiency in private equity financing 

    Liang, Qing (Lincoln University, 2018)
    Private equity (henceforce PE)is less regulated than its bank peers. Paralleling financial liberalisation in recent decades, the PE-market was booming in transaction size with ever-evolving financing strategies. As PE ...

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