The Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit (AERU) provides research expertise focused on natural resources, environment and public policy, agricultural economics, regional development, trade and environment, rural sociology and marketing (both institutional and consumer).

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  • The impact of neoliberalism on New Zealand farmers: Changing what it means to be a 'good farmer' 

    Hunt, Lesley M.; Rosin, Christopher; Campbell, H.; Fairweather, John R. (Australasia-Pacific Extension Network (APEN), 2013)
    A recent part of the transdisciplinary study of New Zealand farming carried out by social scientists from the Agriculture Research Group on Sustainability (ARGOS) was a retrospective interview of all ARGOS sheep/beef, dairy ...
  • Characteristics of transformational adaptation in climate-land-society interactions 

    Warner, K.; Zommers, Z.; Wreford, Anita B.; Hurlbert, M.; Viner, D.; Scantlan, J.; Halsey, Kenna; Halsey, Kevin; Tamang, C. (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2019-01-11)
    Countries across the world aspire towards climate resilient sustainable development. The interacting processes of climate change, land change, and unprecedented social and technological change pose significant obstacles ...
  • Adaptation knowledge for New Zealand’s primary industries: Known, not known and needed 

    Cradock-Henry, N. A.; Flood, S.; Buelow, F.; Blackett, P.; Wreford, Anita B. (Elsevier: Creative Commons, 2019)
    Climate sensitive primary industries including pastoral farming, high-value horticulture and viticulture are central to Aotearoa-New Zealand’s economy. While advances have been made in understanding the impacts and ...
  • Distributive justice in the pursuit of agricultural sustainability 

    Whitehead, Jay (Lincoln University, 2018)
    While there is a trend towards improving agricultural sustainability, the implementation and uptake of sustainability initiatives will be facilitated if burdens imposed on those expected to participate are perceived as ...
  • International trade implications for consumer attitudes to New Zealand food attributes 

    Saunders, John; Driver, Tim (Lincoln University. AERULincoln, New Zealand, 2016-09)
    Price premiums for New Zealand’s exported agricultural products can be achieved through the inclusion of credence attributes. This paper aims to test the value of price premiums in international markets for agri-food ...

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