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    • Data@Lincoln: Implementation and integrations 

      Fitchett, Deborah
      Lincoln launched Data@Lincoln mid-2019, as a repository for data only. This presentation briefly outlines the integrations we included in our implementation and some of the challenges we faced with them.
    • Removal of COD and ammonia-nitrogen by sawdust/bentonite augmented SBR process 

      Mohajeri, Parsa; Selamat, M. R.; Abdul Aziz, H.; Smith, Carol (MDPI, 2018-08-06)
      Water pollutants removal by biomass adsorbent has been considered innovative and cost effective, thus commendable for application in industrial applications. However, certain important aspects have been overlooked by ...
    • Post-fire resprouting in New Zealand woody vegetation: Implications for restoration 

      Teixeira, A. M. C.; Curran, Timothy J.; Jameson, P. E.; Meurk, C. D.; Norton, D. A. (MDPI, 2020-03)
      Resprouting is an important trait that allows plants to persist after fire and is considered a key functional trait in woody plants. While resprouting is well documented in fire-prone biomes, information is scarce in ...
    • Investigating the potential role of visualisation in natural resource decision-making 

      Otinpong, Bernard; Charters, Stuart; McKinnon, Alan E.; Gidlow, Robert G. A. (2017-01-01)
      Computer-aided visualisation can be applied to natural environments to understand the impact of proposed developments or management strategies, but little evaluation of the effectiveness of these tools has been undertaken. ...
    • Effective bout widths for uniform spread of lime from ground spreaders 

      Post, Scott; Murray, R. (Fertilizer and Lime Research CentreMassey University, New Zealand, 2019)
      There is a strong correlation between crop yields and evenness of application of lime. Lime is the most widely used fertiliser/soil conditioner product in New Zealand, but it is not very mobile in the soil, so it is important ...