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  • Spicer, A.; Swaffield, Simon R.; Fairweather, John R.; Moore, Kevin (Lincoln University. School of Landscape Architecture, Taupo, New Zealand, )
    This study assesses the consequences of Nitrogen Trading on the Lake Taupō catchment. It is designed to keep the agricultural sector productive as well as within environmental limits, and this makes the Lake Taupō Trading ...
  • Gao, Jingrong; Brennan, Margaret A.; Mason, Susan L.; Brennan, Charles S. (Hindawi Publishing Corporation and Wiley Periodicals, 2017)
    Sugar is a main ingredient of muffins and other baked products, so removal or reduction of sucrose negatively affects product appearance, texture, and mouthfeel. The aim of this study was to investigate the colour, textural ...
  • Wigley, Kathryn; Owens, Jennifer; Trethewey, Jason A. K.; Ekanayake, Dinanjana; Roten, Rory; Werner, Armin (New Zealand Grassland Association, 2017)
    Reducing the amount of nitrogen (N) fertiliser applied to dairy pastures down to agronomically optimised levels would have positive economic and environmental results. The ability of commercially available optical sensors ...
  • Curran, Timothy J.; Perry, G. L. W.; Wyse, Sarah . V.; Alam, Md (MDPI, 2018-06)
    In the wildland-urban interface, the imperative is often to protect life and property from destructive fires, while also conserving biodiversity. One potential tool for achieving this goal is the use of green firebreaks: ...
  • Tao, J.; Zhou, Huitong; Gong, Hua; Yang, Z.; Ma, Q.; Cheng, Paul; Ding, W.; Li, Y.; Hickford, Jonathan G. H. (Elsevier on behalf of International Goat Association, 2017-09)
    The keratin-associated protein KAP6-1 gene (KRTAP6-1) was investigated for its effect on wool traits in Chinese Tan sheep. Two previously identified KRTAP6-1 variants (A and B) and two newly identified KRTAP6-1 variants ...

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