Recent Submissions

  • Non-linear optical constants from molecular hyperpolarisabilities. 1. Iterative solution of quadratic tensor equations for mutual polarisation 

    Verwoerd, Wynand S (Lincoln University. Applied Computing, Mathematics and Statistics Group., 2000-06)
    To describe mutual polarisation in bulk materials containing high polarisability molecules, local fields beyond the linear approximation needs to be included. A second order tensor equation is formulated that describes ...
  • The Brandenburg Coppice 

    Brandenburg, Bill (Lincoln College. Department of Horticulture and Landscape., 1988)
    Before discussing the rationale behind planting and managing a coppice, the term itself should be more closely defined. In various locations and amongst various groups of English speaking people a "coppice" or “copse" ...
  • Interpretation for children 

    Cessford, Gordon R. (Lincoln University. Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism., 1989)
    This paper discusses environmental interpretation for children. Included are definitions of interpretation; reasons for doing it; why emphasis upon children is important; the special requirements of effective interpretation ...
  • Punakaiki camp ground landscape study 

    Lincoln College (Lincoln College. Horticulture Department. Landscape Architecture Section., 1976)
    Recreation demand on the coastal fringe of South Island between Greymouth and Westport is increasing and there is need for a study of this impact, with particular reference to its probable effect on the camping ground at ...
  • A proposed landscape master plan for Lincoln College campus development 

    Jackman, A. E. (Lincoln College. Horticulture Department. Landscape Architecture Section., 1971)
    In view of a rapidly expanding building programme at Lincoln College, University of Canterbury, it is now the time to consider a reorganisation of the Campus. In order to achieve a pattern for roading, parking, services ...

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